What is Offy?


British slang for off-licence, which in the US is called a liquor store

We are out of beer, I'm just popping to the offy to stock up

See apathetic


A retail outlet that enables the purchase of alcoholic beverages outside of public houses.

Mick, I'm goin down the offy to buy some booze, you want anythin?

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Renowned purpose-built internal-combustion racing engine nicknamed after one of its three designers, Fred C. Offenhauser.

Harry A. Miller and Leo W. Goossen completed the trio that conceived the engine. Offy-powered race cars dominated Indy, Champ, Sprint and Midget oval-track racing in the United States from 1930 through 1980.

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A person who only focuses on some parts of ther life and has no social life, no friends;a loser, or somewone that has a negative diffrence; an outcast.

"Those student from the math and science academy is an offy"

loser, outcast, alsoran{nerd] geek

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A dude who is a bug a boo and calls you like fifty times a day. He has no life and can only get ugly girls.

Maria: Hey, you dumped Lester. I thought you liked him.

Tanya: Nope. Dude's an offy. He called me like fifty times a day. Such a loser.

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Term used in cricket, not generally by the older generation, to describe off-break or off-spin bowling.

Here, that fella's bowling an offy isn't he?


a person who shows chronic signs of retardation. This person might also be considered an idiot, or a jackass.

Person 1- I want to live in Florida or California

Person 2- Oh really, why

Person 1-because they are right next to each other

peroson 2-ummm... no they aren't you offy

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