What is Ogrish?


A website full of disgusting stories, pictures, and videos of horrible human accidents and mutilation.

Man, I puked last night when I was looking at Ogrish.

See terror


A destination for those you dislike.

I hope I see your pics on Ogrish.



The one-stop website for all your gore needs. Shocking to some, boring to others and sexually exciting to the majority of those seeking such material.

Usually the first site to get the latest beheading videos (sadly, most videos are half-covered with an OGRISH logo, unintentionally blocking out good bits), it also has an interactive board, which tends to be taken down when breaking news is at hand.

I visit OGRISH for my daily dose of death.


Shocking or disgusting in content.

Dude, that car accident was SO "ogrish."


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