Oh Fuck! Dance

What is Oh Fuck! Dance?


A dance in which two or more people face each other with wide-eyed, mouth-agape faces as if in a state of hysteria and wave both arms in the air. Performed only under all of the following circumstances:

1. The dancers are high on marijuana.

2. A strobe light is on, going to the beat of good music in an otherwise pitch black room.

The effect brought to the dancers after 30 seconds or so is a state of intensity and possible hilarity. However, what is hilarious to some gives others seizures...

"I was so high that I couldn't even handle doing the, "Oh Fuck!" Dance with Thomas. I seriously felt like I was going to have a seizure!" (I know that it should be 'Oh Fuck!' Dance but Urban Dictionary told me it had to be "Oh Fuck!" Dance.)

See dance, marijuana, high, pot


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