Oh, Shit! Factor

What is Oh, Shit! Factor?


In a pick-up or organized game of football, the "Oh Shit!" Pairing is the pairing between an "Oh Shit!" Man and the unwilling wide receiver he usually covers. You can spot an "Oh Shit!" Pairing when the wide receiver gets hit by the "Oh Shit!" Man and screams "Oh Shit!" before he gets hit. After that one hit, an "Oh Shit!" Pairing is born. The unwilling wide receiver is usually afraid of being hit by the "Oh Shit!" Man, so he doesn't get open and might drop passes.

The "Oh Shit!" Man is the man that gives the usually bone-crushing hit in an "Oh Shit!" Pairing. You can spot an "Oh Shit!" by when an unwilling wide receiver gets hit by a strong defensive player.

Mike catches the ball but Logan is about to hit him. Mike screams "Oh Shit!" and the "Oh, Shit!" Factor comes into play.

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