Oh What Now

What is Oh What Now?


1.) Something to say after you insult someone.

2.) Something you say after you've been insulted by that jackass in your other classes, etc. and then you just said something really mean and nasty to them.

1.) Dude 1: You're a #@$$@$^%@$%@$!#% $^$@@!!! Oh what now!?

Dude 2: ....

2.)Dude 1: *says nasty comment*

Dude 2: *says even NASTIER comment* Oh what now, bitch?!?!?!? HUH?!?!?

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1. Something said after you insult someone an dthey have no come back.

2. While wlking around

3. When you win an argument

4. When one does something really kool that like no ones else can do!

1. a) "Dirty Skank Whore!"


a)"ohhhhh WHAT NOW? WHAT NOW?"

2. "oh what now"

3. a) "the square root of 36 is 5.5"


4. a) *does double tuck, back hanspring, front hand spring, from standing* OHHHHH WHAT NOW!?!? WHAT NOW?!?!


What you say when that really irritating person comes up to you, and you know they are going to say something stupid/irritating.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Oh, what now?"


when you da best and caplice aint, yo.

DJ Cedo likes me more than you, OH WHAT NOW.


Oh What know?

Used when with a posse meant to demoralize or raise esteem

you insult someone and you or your freinds say " OH! What now?"

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1.something to say after being insulted/insulting someone

2.something to yell out randomly

3.something to say when you don't understand something. Usually follows "your face" and "your mom".


Dude 1: (to innocent bystander) Your MOM!

Dude 2: Oh, WHAT NOW!!!


Dude 1: I saw your mom at Wally World shopping for your birthday present!

Dude 2: Oh, WHAT NOW!!!


Dude 1: Yeah, your face is so gay it takes 3 trucks!!

Dude 2: Oh, WHAT NOW...!


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