Oh You Know

What is Oh You Know?


can be used to answer any questions somebody asks. does not matter what the question is.

doctor: do u have any history of diseases in your family

Patient: Oh you know

See oh, you, know, oh you know, alabama hot pocket


is like a filler and can be placed instead of words such as "mhm" "yup", and can basically be a reply to anything.

-"Wow you are so cool!"

-"oh you know"

-"Damn you pulled an all-nighter before the exam?"

-"ohyou know"

See oh, you, know, how, we, do


Something scene kids say. I'm not sure why, but they do. Often used to be promiscuous about where they stashed their bandanas or something.

"Have you ever spent the night at his house?"

"Oh you know."


"Which bandana did you buy?"

Oh you know.

See scene, scene kids, oh dear, bandana


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