What is Oify?


A hidden section on the Facepunch Studios' Forum, OIFY is the place for posting random, stupid and pointless stuff. Depending on the viewer's taste, they'll either find it hilarious, or just plain silly.

OIFY stands for Out It Find You'll, or You'll Find It Out.

MingeBag: omg wher r teh oify?

Hezzy: Banz!

Player1: Did you see that new furry thread on OIFY?

Player2: Yeah, it hax

(1)MingeBag: hay guyz, wats teh oify numbr?

Admin: GTFO

(1)Mingebag has disconnected (Reason: Kicked and Banned)

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The hidden section of The Facepunch Studios Forums. It was originaly a rule-less place for people to come and have a good time. But when the year 2006 came, the OIFY was destroyed by pathetic spamming faggots that thought the OIFY was just a forum to troll in. Since then, the OIFY has never before been the same, some people has tried to restore it, but it has never succeeded. The OIFY is at this time a forum where spammers and furries thrive, and only a few true OIFY:ers still remains.

The OIFY was once a good place. Now it's just a pile of garbage.

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