What is Ojjd?


*Obsessive Joe Jonas disorder. One of the most common disorders among the OJD family.

*Most common symptoms:

-Constant Joe thoughts, may even lead to distraction at school, etc.

-Use of Joe phrases in affected person's vocabulary.

-Internet history full of Joe-related pages.

-Feelings of hate/jealousy towards anyone who has rumors of dating Joe. (e.g. Demi Lovato, Chelsea Staub)

-Happiness and/or excitement provoked by a photo or video containing Joe-related material.

-Joe Jonas wallpaper, ringtone, posters, etc.

-Member of a Joe Jonas fan club.

-Someone with OJJD will do anything to be near Joe. ANYTHING.

*It affects girls that are between 12-17 years old. OJJD in males is extremely rare.

*It's transmitted mostly by the Disney and Family Channel.

*There's no known cure for OJJD yet.

OJJD girl:

OMJ today I saw a new Living The Dream episode, but Joe wasn't on that much. I was like "Awkwaaaaarrd!"

Girl 2:

Oh really?

OJJD girl:

Yes! It's so incredible! Joe is like.. sooo awesomely HOT! They should change they're name to the JOEnas Brothers, you know!

Girl 2:

Yeah, I guess so. Did you kno--

OJJD Girl:

Oh.. OH WAIT! Did you know I recently found a video of Joe kissing Demi in THE CHEEK! She was sooo happy.. I HATE HER!

Girl 2:

Actually, she said she isn't dating him.


I still hate her! No one's gonna steal MY poor Joe, I'm marrying him!

See joe, jonas, disorder


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