What is Oldsmurf?


Oldsmurf is a perv that hangs out in various chatrooms trolling for underage females. He uses the name oldsmurf to come off as non-threatening and nice. He is anything but!! Beware the oldsmurf. Lock up your daughters, sisters, and girlfriends...any girl that is 16 or under is fair game to this Chester the Molester type. Don't say I didn't warn you!!!!

Kim: Oh, oldsmurf you are such a nice guy!

Oldsmurf: I thank you Kim. How old did you say you were again?

Kim: 15, but I am experienced, if you get my drift.

Oldsmurf: Oh, I do, I do! Wanna have cybersex?

Kim: Only if you have a couple of friends with you. I only get off on pulling a train.

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