Ole Jp

What is Ole Jp?


1. Something you call someone who continuously repeats themselves many times. Not just a couple times but thousands, sometimes millions of times.

2. Something you call someone who talks about a videogame all the time (ex. Metal Gear Solid 3).

3. A name for someone you think may murder you. The mentally disturbed kid you see that is wearing a Doors shirt and talks about how he could kill someone and get away with it. Also possibly a closet homosexual. See Micheal Jackson

Definition 1: Jesus Christ we have Ole Jp here reapeating stories every 5 seconds. NO I HAVENT WATCHED YOUR GAY ANIME PORN!

Definition 2: Dude i swear to god if Ole JP there talks about that game again im gonna kill everyone he loves, then him, then myself.

Definition 3: Look at Ole JP, he looks seriously pissed.Lets just hope he dont try to break our necks or use one of the 10,826 pressure points he knows about. Dont forget about the shotgun in his anal cavity.

See gay, faget, the doors, gay porn, gamestop


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