What is Oliver?


INTENSE, diligent, crazy, insane, sweet, awesome, anything cool!

Your sweatervest is OLIVER.

See oliver, gnarley, gnar gnar, intense, diligent


A name that symbolizes olive tree. Dutiful. Loyal to God.

I am Oliver.

Wow, your name is Oliver? Cool!

Oliver is OPA in our office.

See cool, cat, olivier, olive, meow


A little russian man whore who likes to bang marci and make fun of his innocent classmates who have bubble problems

that man whore was being mean to that girl in his class, he is SUCH an Oliver

See whore, slut, mean, man whore, russia


When all of her is vile and grotesque. A step up from butter face

Austin: Dude your girlfriend is ugly?

Kage: What part of her is ugly?

Austin: Oliver!

See oliver, ugly, butter face, vile, grotesque


Pronounced "All-of-Her" Term used to warn a friend that he is being approached by a large woman. Once alerted to the danger, he can then take evasive action.

"Hey man, look over there, I see Oliver!"

See biggin', healthy, thick, cow


a kid who does bad in school, is outshined by someone close to them in every thing imaginable, and often is a ginger.

On the other hand, hes sexy and is really chill and awesome.

Oliver, your brother beats you at everything.

See stupid, oliver


a retarded n00b that drinks mercury and says hes cool and awesome all the time but really is not.

Oliver your a n00b don't drink mercury.

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