What is Ololo3?


A weed smoking music elitist that thinks he knows what "good" music. My cohorts and I also find it weird how he listens to bullshit like Opeth and similar “death” Metal bands that make you sick to your stomach. There’s a serious problem when your listening to music that makes your skin turn inside out, while been berated by growls and uninspired guitar riffs. The label that signed such putrid acts must have been in dismay over not reaching the “underground” portion of world. But then again, crappy music is always underground. Did I mention that he a fat fuck? (The munchies must have gotten the best of him while he listens to those boring 9 minute songs) Last, but surely not least, any poster that starts a thread about been banned, in what they believed was an unfair manner has serious mental issues. Sounds like ololo3 doesn’t it?

Look at that ololo3 driving a wack Sonoma.


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