What is Omarion?


Omarion-A very talented young Black man, comin up in da world of music with B2K. Nice, Sexy, Handsome, and Devoted to his work. Hard-working and amazing

For example, you can tell he's hardworking cuz he is always performing. He eve performed on Thanksgiving Eve. that's hard work, and that's devotion to his job

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Omarion is a very beatifull name because it has many meanings.

it stand for forever king of the african and also love


Omarion is a sexy african-american male that has mutliple talents. He is a very talented singer, author, actor, and writer. He is hated on by alot of people because he has what most people do not; TALENT. Omarion was in a group called B2K ,before they broke up in 2004 due to internal problems.He continues to pursue his solo career and was headliner of a tour; Scream Tour 4. In other words stop hatin

Omari- African King


Omarion is an African King forever.

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a heavily overrated, lame-ass R&B artist that split from a somewhat lame-ass boy band, and star of a lame-ass movie, you got served. girls stare at his lame-ass poster for hours, and don't give a F*** about his lame-ass music, as long as he looks good. he's nothing but a lame-ass pretty boy with a lame-ass record deal.

Omarion is one lame-ass excuse for a singer.

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He is a sexy signer (former lead singer of B2K), deep dark soulful brown eyes,awsome voice loveable sexy smile, ans cute cornrows

omari: african King- eon: forever



a hardworking sexy handsome guy very talented and he is a great husband to me !!!!!!!!!

he is always doinhis best even when itgets hard he always pushes the limit

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A very intelligent and handsome man who loves music. He has an album out called "O" which debuted in Feburary 2005. This man is a former member of B2K, who recently broke up late in the year 2004. Omarion means African King and he will forever be a sex symbol to all the ladies and especially ME!

"O that's going to be the sound girl when its going down, your body saying O"

-Omarion "O"


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