What is Omelet?


Short for "I'm going to let"

I should smack you but omelet you go this time.

See Peter


Ejaculation into an unknowing victim's ear. After this step, the pinna, or exterior cartilage is folded over much like that of an egg omelet.

"Oh, you son of a bitch, why'd you do that in my ear." "Shut-up, you loved that omelet"


A classic, beloved, tasty dinner food consisting of eggs cooked and folded over something else, like cheese or onions. Very delicious.

I made my girlfriend an omelet for dinner, and oh boy did I get lucky that night.


A slang term used to describe Amish people.

Why is that Omelet driving a car?

Thats right you omelet,churn my butter bitch.

See amish, racist, churn


To passively disregard something.

I should pop you in yo grill fo dat one, but omelet it slide this time.


A cheese-filled, egg-based brunchfavorite with an overpowering stench that some people smell like upon waking up in the morning. Hence, omelet-breath. For this reason, the smell of omelets makes some people sick, particularly teenagers.

Paul: "My ex-girlfriendsmells like an omelet! So does my stepmother!"

Paula: "Ewww! Omelets are disgusting!"

Paul: "Yes, they sicken me as well."

See cheesy, eggy, stinky, brunchy


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