What is Omigosh?


See omigod. Much like oh my gosh, this is a shortened, valleygirl way of saying it. It's also relatively like oh my god, but substituting goshfor god, and deleting a few "spare letters". Can also be shortened to omg, or having a useless "z" added to make omgz.

omigosh, you're so illiterate!


The equivalent of omigod or oh my god or oh my gosh usually said by ditzy girls that just slur the three words. Hence, omigosh, instead of oh my gosh.

Becca: Omigosh, Jen! Brad just waved at me!

Jen: No way! Omigosh, did you wave back?

Becca: Omigosh, yes!

See oh my god, oh my gosh, omg, omfg, omigod


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