What is Omni-sexual?


Someone who is highly sexual, often having sex with both genders. A very sexual person who will almost try anything kinky, and will vary sexual orientations.

Linda didn't hook up with Dave last night, so she hooked up with Carol and her dog instead because of her omni-sexual tendencies.

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noun. Used to describe a person who fucks anythiny that moves. If it doesn't move, often they will give it a push.

That Lewdminx guy is such an omni-sexual.

See Kid


one who proudly distributes his/her sexual affection over a broad range of places, people, and at various events..from "omni" meaning "to be everywhere at once" and "sexual" meaning "sexual"

not to be confused with the heralded Omnisexual: one who distributes his/her sexual affection in and around the Atlanta area esp. near the Omni arena and recently any other arena in the area

bro, here comes Soo. look the other way, before she tries to cast her omni-sexual self our way

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