On A Break

What is On A Break?


What happens to some couples when one person feels like they don't want to be with the other person. It can be for many reasons and most often it occus when one person is feeling confused or stressed. They displace these feelings to their signifigant other.

It can also be used as a way of basically breaking up with someone to explore other 'opportunities' but at the same time, can always fall back onto the other person if you don't find anything better out there.

A dude feels like he's gonna be tied down forever to one girl, and decides that he needs to check out the scene a little more before deciding to bang the same chich for the rest of his life. He tells the girl they are "on a break". If he finds someone hotter, he leaves the chick, and if not, he goes back to the girl. Chicks use this method just as often as dudes.

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