On The Low Hoe

What is On The Low Hoe?


An individual, particularly a female, who is not worthy of being the company of the opposite sex during the daylight hours. One that is fine to spend time with behind closed doors where nobody can see, rather than outside in the public view of others.

Boy: Baby last night was fun.

Girl: Yea it was and I was thinking maybe you should meet my par...

Boy: Whoa!!!!!

Boy: I can't be seen with you! That would ruin my rep! Then I would be labeled as "that guy who's fucking the fat bitch."

Girl: I thought I was your Lover! WE'RE SOULMATES!!!!

Boy: Some would call you a "practice girl" BUT I would just call you a...how should I say this....OH! an "ON THE LOW" HOE !

See rebound girl, cutty buddy


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