Once On This Island

What is Once On This Island?


A musical play written by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. Once On This Island was based on the novel "My Love, My Love" by Rosa Guy. It tells the story of Ti Moune, a poor peasant girl who falls in love with Daniel, a rich man who life she saves after he got into a car accident.

The original production date was October 18, 1990 at the Booth Theater on Broadway for 469 performances. The show received 8 Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Score, Best Book, etc.


1. We Dance

2. One Small Girl

3. Waiting for Life

4. And The Gods Heard Her Prayer

5. Rain

6. Pray

7. Forever Yours

8. The Sad Tale of the Beauxhommes

9. Ti Moune

10. Mama Will Provide

11. Some Say

12. The Human Heart

13. Pray (Reprise)

14. Some Girls

15. The Ball

16. Ti Moune's Dance

17. When We Are Wed

18. Forever Yours (Reprise)

19. A Part of Us

20. Why We Tell the Story

"Who knows how high those mountains climb?" ~"Ti Moune" Once On This Island

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