One Up

What is One Up?


To outdo a deed of another.

I can one up that.

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An extra man, Extar life, something Mario needs alot of.

Dude, if you jump over that piranah plant, over the lava, onto the turtle, bounce off that, land on that tunnel and press 'down' you go in a secret level, there's a one up.

See Treg


When a couple is having sex doggy style and the guy pulls out and acts like he "accidentally" puts it in her ass.

-girl- "He tried to one up me last night, but I'm not down with anal sex"


-guy- "We were a little drunk so i figured i'd go for the one up... but she wasn't a fan."


being better that something or beating something real bad

i think john gonna one up tonny in that fight..or

that backflip off the dumpster is gonna one up jumping off that building in that comp.

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:When a male places a female's leg on his shoulder during sexual intercourse, usually following the missionary position.

"Yaa! Stacie, I'm going one up so I can ram you deeper bitch! MMM, now make a wish for daddy."


The slang term used to make a request for an object or service.

"Yo, Steve, why don't you one up on a soda for me."

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to be straight forward with a person let them know what the deal is.

"I was one up with him when I told him I did not love him anymore instead of stringing him along".

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