What is One-upper?


A one-upper who always has to be bigger or better than you. If your uncle has 20 ft. boat, his uncle or cousin has 21 ft. boat. A one-upper never loses in the world of story-telling.

Chris is a nice guy, but he's a big one-upper. He always follows my stories with a better one!

See liar, topper, fibber, annoying


If you have had a bad day, a one-upper has had the absolute worst day of their entire life and possibly the worst in recorded history. If you met a hot guy on vacation, the one-upper banged Brad Pitt on vacation. If your brother bought you a really cool new CD for your birthday, the one-upper’s brother is God. The one-upper is the most obnoxious and hateable person you have ever met, but they are probably proud that they have one-upped everyone else you ever thought you hated.

I found twenty dollars in the street the other day and I was feeling pretty lucky, until that accursed one-upper told everybody that on that very day he discovered Donald Trump was his uncle. God, I hate that guy.

See douchebag, smarmy, condescending, dickhead, Megsi


A one-upper is someone who always has to be bigger and better than everyone else. If you say you are drunk, they exclaim with how much more they have drank than you.

Although Matt may seem mediocre, he is actually a one-upper; He must always top your story with one of his own.

See liar, topper, fibber, annoying


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