Ookie Cookie

What is Ookie Cookie?


step 1) place cookie on table

step 2) gather bored guys (preferably frat members)

step 3) get them to stroke it, last one to cum, eats the spooged cookie

see also circle jerk

Hey frat brothers, lets play ookie cookie to bond!

See Getz


where a bunch of guys stand in a circle with a cookie in the middle. and then they all have to ejaculate onto the cookie and the last guy to cum has to eat it. Hence the Ookie.

those guys totally made him eat their ookie cookie.

See circle jerk, ejaculate, cum, cookie, masturbate


1) place a delicious cookie in the middle of a smallish table

2) gather five (5) homos, goodlooking, successful, hard

3) Get the go getter to make the first move as the others willingly compete to make icing

Lookie, those fabulous five sure did use their queer eye to goo gun that cookie cookie!

See cookie, ookie, delicious, five, fabulous, smallish


1. see biscut

2. when you take a cookie and a whole bunch of fucking homos jack off and the last fucker to enjaculate on the cookie has to eat that shit

sperm on a cookie then eat it

hense the term ookie cookie

See cookie, sperm, biscut, nigger, cunt, whore, hoe, ookie, skank, slut, bitch, fucker, kkk


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