Ooping The J

What is Ooping The J?


A sex move.

This occurs with two males and a lovely female. Male 1 is choking his chicken til he's ready to splurt. Male 2 runs into the room when Male 1 yells, "We've got an Oopertunity!" Female 1 opens her mouth, as she is the basket. Male 1 shoots, in the air, Male 2 slams down the shot into Female 2's hoop.

These can be alley-oops, 3-pointers, or foul shots if the Female was acting a little rough

Damn Aaron, Yashira has such a big mouth, wanna Oop the J?

Kenny broke the glass after slamming and Ooping that J!

Tom, Dennis, and Claire were Ooping the J when Tom's mom came into the room and rejected the shot! Sick..

See ball, basketball, shaqueef, slam, dunk


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