What is Oot?


An exclamation used in response to remembering horrendous experiences. Also used for people, places, or things. Not a verb.

Origin: Family Guy episode 1ACX03 Mind Over Murder. James Bond's response to Stewie's command "Silence!"

John: Do you remember Blair Witch Project 2?

Tim: OOT!

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Legend of Zelda: Ocriana of Time. An installment of the Zelda series for the N64 released in 1998. An revolutinary Action/Adventure/RPG game with an excellent graphics engine (for its time) and an awesome battle system (often copied) that kicks the shit out of FF7's battle system.

The game was eventually succeded by the partial-sequal Majora's mask (probably the darkest zelda game), and then Windwaker for GameCube. Oot was also rereleased as a extra disc for people who preorded WindWaker.

Oot is one of the best games ever.


scottish for out

you tannin oot inite?

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A creature that isn't very hygienic and has lots of body hair. It's smaller than all Humans and frequently attacks Pampererish people to extract their essence.

That guy is behaving like an Oot! Why doesn't he have a shave?

You should leave her alone, she's too attractive for you to go out with!

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A 1980's New England word used in a few negative variations but mostly meaning ugly. It could also mean dumb, corny,or silly.

I can't believe she's hooking up with Larry. He's so oot.

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Canadian for "out."

Bob:(digging in the cooler) "Hey Doug, we're oot of beer, eh?"

Doug: "Well, one of us is going to have to go oot an get more."

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abbreviation for "out of town," usually used only in written form.


"I can't come to your party tomorrow, I'll be oot."

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