Opera Winfrey

What is Opera Winfrey?


Goddess of America and Cheeseburgers, her worshippers normally consist of Women in the age group of 40+ and confused teenage boys and girls. Opera controls all of America, she has more power than the Senate, House of Representatives, and President, the world buys what she tells them too and would kill for her, only if she says it's good for anti-aging or health though. One example of this is the sudden popularity of Skype and The Container Store in the world and also the sudden loss of support for Puppy mills. Opera also loves food.

Many mothers have painted images of Opera with the words "Obey" following on their children's ceilings to remind them who their true God is. Opera will reign forever and when she dies a Robot will be made that resembles her that will continue her legacy, for Opera shall never die.

Older Woman 1: Did hear about the picture of Opera that got on the web?

Older Woman 2: Yes, she was ROFLEWing, three people saw it, they laughed and instantly died.


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