What is Opm?


Other People's Money - what you need to get rich. From the adage, it takes money to make money, and to gain wealth you need a small fortune, which, while you may lack, someone out there is willing to invest it.

"The only way to get rich is through OPM"

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oma pullo mukaan, i.e. bring your own booze.

A Finnish expression that is used in an invitation. If service is limited to beer, cider and non-alcoholic beverages, the invitation may encourage people to bring their own alcoholic drinks with them.

Welcome to my house warming party on Saturday. OPM!

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I said I liked OPM, not opium...

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The drug Opium.

We smoked some opm today.

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A band signed to Subnoise Records. They are a mix of Raggae,punk and rap. In my opinion not some of the better talent.

Dude, lets go the OPM show.

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slang term for an Orange Poop Machine, a machine that poops out Oranges.

An orange tree


Other People's Money

Man, this cellie bill is killin me, I gotta get some OPM.


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