What is Oregano?


a spice commonly used as fake weed.

That wanksta just sold me a kilo of oregano the other weak. Now he be lyin' in chalk and his homies are pourin' out some liquor.

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what you tell the po-po you're carrying when they pull you over.

I swear officer, this shit's oregano.

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A spice used in Italian, Mexican, and Greek cuisine.

When dried, it can look similar to marijuana and is occasionally sold by dishonest dealers to nieve rookie pot smokers people who are trying to purchase weed but get screwed over with a bag of oregano instead, which is NOT marijuana.

Matt: "Dude. . .I just sold Jake a bag of oregano for $100"

Me: "Well done. . . Jake's a tool and deserved to be ripped off."

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Another name for shitty weed.

"You still gotta beg a ho, and you mad cuz you blowin' on oregano, y'all niggaz will never blow." -Lloyd Banks

See Nick D


This is the nickname of actor Michael Angarano (aka, Jacks son in Will&Grace). This word is used among people who don't know how to say Michael's last name. Most comonly used amoung Kristen Stewart fans and Twilight fans.

Girl 1: Oregano is SOO hott!!!

Girl 2: He's so hotter than Rpatz

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The sense of being crazy, dumb struck, silly or goofy.

"Nigga why is you actin' so oregano today?"

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Oregano is the awesomely cool best friend of Salt]. Together the two make an odd, but hilarious team. He has an amazing sense of humor and is also a great fella all around. He can be found in his natural suroundings in the Avatar Talksubforum of Gaia Online.

Oregano wowed the room with his brilliance.


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