What is Ornage?


A very frightening orange. Derived from... orange. Heh.

Omfg the ornages are comming!

Sheeit man, that movie was scarier than a frickin' ornage!

...wtf is an ornage?


Ornage is a horrible swear word. It is often found in the vocabulary of Nafi's worldwide.

Ornage menn, you scared me!

See ornage, shit, scared, swear, curse, nafi


a colour used to describe the colour of a towel after youve washed 'chav' make-up off.

"woah, i just washed my face and the towel is ornage!"

See chav, orange, colour, towel


Scotts idiotic and childish way of saying "Orange", His favorite color.

Hi, I'm Scott. My favorite color is Ornage!!!

See scott, color, orange, idiot, favorite


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