What is Osu-okc?


Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC). This word can be use in place of retard, moron, dumbass, and any negativity word use to describe a living or non-living things. OSU-OKC ridiculously have a lock down browser while students and staffs can use a cam to film all the test questions and answer. More than 34% of the students are taking Intermediate Algebra and below. More than 46% fail College Algebra and below. Although some people are 4.0 GPA students, the fact is that we take easy class. Therefore, if you make a B at OSUOKC, then you're a retard. Furthermore, 60% of the students are computer illiterate

At Aspen gym: Ashley was rushing across the basketball court dribbling the ball at "Chuck Norris" speed. 3.14159 seconds later...She trip over the basketball. I said "Ashley, quit being an OSU-OKC.

Student #1 (at age 30 i.e. midlife crisis): Dude, how to you solve this?

Student #2: Like whoaaaaa (with both hands up in the air) x^2-6x+9=0??? solve for x???? Let me take it to my remedial math teacher in middle school.

See retard, midlife crisis, emo, idiot, stupid


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