What is Otherground?


The place where true heads reside, heads who understand that, what some of the elements of the Media have dubbed as "youth culture", are not fads. They are in fact their own established cultures, aren't for the youth only, and are here to stay.

The underground is dead, and the mass media has killed it. Television, magazines and the ability to reach the world with one click of a mouse made the term underground obsolete.

The concept behind Otherground is it isn't about any scene in itself. It's about the essence of what so called "youth cultures" are based on. It's for the people who understand what it is to lead a life that's outside of the norm. Even though the ideals may be different from scene to scene, it's always been about self-expression and the DIY ethic.

The trinity of Othergound is:




He went mainstream, but hes still down with the Otherground.


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