What is Otitis?


Inflammation of the ear caused by the germ streptococcus pneumoniae, a.k.a. the one that causes pneumonia

Doctor: The reason why you can't hear is because you have otitis.

Patient: What?

Doctor: GODDAMNIT!! I said you have otitis!

Patient: What?

Doctor: If you say what one more time, I'll kill you

Patient: What?

See ear, germ, pneumonia, deaf


The disease which is communicable by posting several times in the "Off Topic" forums.May cause:Severe Diarrhea,Brain Cell Loss,Anal leakage,stool blackening,rectal crackling,and by severe diarrhea I mean SEVERE like shitting yourself constantly.

Im sorry ma'am hes got the OTitis.He'll be shitting himself within the hour.

See ot, disease, diarreha, anal, leakage


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