What is Ouner?


The french verb for 'To own', like owned and pwned. The actual french verb for posession is Avoir, so Ouner directly refers to a competitive victory.

Present tense

Je oune - I owned

Tu ounes - You owned

Il oune - He owned

Elle oune - She owned

Nous ounons - We owned

Vous ounez - They/You owned ('You' when adressing a stranger)

Ils ounent - Those guys owned

Elles ounent - Those girls owned

Past tense, conjugated with Avoir (To have)

J'ai ouné(e) - I have owned

Tu as ouné - You have owned

Il a ouné - He has owned

Elle a ounée - She has owned

Nous avons ounés - We have owned

Vouz avez ouné - They(You) have owned

Ils ont ounés - Those guys have owned

Elles ont ounées - Those girls have owned

J'ai t'ouné - I owned you!


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