What is Ovechkrowd?


A group of mainly post-lockout NHL "fans" who are convinced that Alexander Ovechkin is already the single greatest hockey player that has ever lived, now or 100 years from now, despite the fact that he is just one of many in a long line of 1-dimensional high scoring european wingers (Bure, Mogilny, Selanne etc..) Also these people always feel the need to attack Sidney Crosby and Penguin fans at any opportunity, provoked or not.

Penguin fan: Hey, Sidney Crosby might be the best overall forward in the NHL, skating, shooting, playmaking, checking, the kid does it all.

Ovechkrowd guy: Fuck you man!! Crosby is a bitch, I hate Crosby...he is sooo overrated. People need to shut the fuck up about Crosby...OV scores goals, he fuckin' owns hardcore!!

See douchebags, asshat, ovechkin


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