What is Overkill?


More than what is needed. In gross excess of what is reasonably expected. An excess of something beyond what is required or suitable for a given purpose.

Originally applied to nuclear weaponry.

"So, Bob, you ready to tear down that fence?" "Yeah, Chuck, the plastic explosives are all wired up!"

A 40-megaton nuke is overkill for destroying a farmhouse.

An Opteron 246 32-way server is overkill for typing up a paper.


A person in the game of Runescape who backstabbs other plays in order to gain more pixels.

Overkill bsed Dark 3lf for his full dharoks.

See runescape, pixels, players, game, Riceboy


a word that is defined WAY too many times. I personally like seeing a variety, but 148 SLUT definitions, talk about overkill ..mon now!

SLUT appears 148 times

CUNT appears 146 times

CUM appears 84 times

FUCK appears 80 times (thought there would be more overkill here, surprise surprise)

GAY appears 78 times

PUSSY appears 66 times

See shit breath, man wash, limecat, clock spider, slut


1. (proper noun) Thrash metal pit fare born of New Jersey. The first thrash metal band in the history of metal, forming in 1980 and releasing classic thrash metal albums such as The Years of Decay, WFO and Horrorscope.

2. (proper noun) A Motorhead album and its title track where the band of this name got it from.

3. (noun) The act, or acts, of doing more than what is necessary to accomplish a task. Often associated with warfare.

1. I saw Overkill play last night and they played a kickass show.

2. A 112,000 square foot Wal-Mart is overkill for this small town.

See thrash, heavy metal, shred, horrorscope


1.Using something coolso much that it starts to get annoying.

2.Making something much serious/making something take longer than what it should.

Jill:Hey do you wanna go out?

Jonny:No, I'm busy.

Jill:Will you ever want to go out?


Jill:When will you be available?



See lmao, shut, the, hell, up


One on neoseeker who is highly renowned for many things.

-Being a funny guy

-Having boobies in his signature

-Apparently being 12(?)

-Not liking girls

He is also very commonly referred to as "oK"


Jesh- "oK is cool because his sig has boobies."

GexTheLizard- "oK is cool because his signature has boobies"

The Killing Light- "oK is awesome because his last post made me lol"

See neoseeker, ok, overkill, boobies


Verb/ A term used in Final Fantasy X which means that you did a massive amount of to an enemy who had a smaller amount of life. In real life it can be used when someone kills a joke or tells a dead-on-arrival joke and tries to add to the joke to make it funny but ends up destroying it even more.

guy1: dude listen to this joke

guy2: k

(guy1 tells a bad joke)

guy2: that sucked

guy1: no, no, no you don't get it let me explain

(guy1 explains and throws in some extra stuff)

guy2: please dude don't overkill

See overkill, joke, dead, verb


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