What is Ow?


a shortened form of ouch (the one by me)

Ow! That hurt! Really!


the word michael jackson likes to say a lot in his songs

michael jackson: OW!

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Maori slang for "man" as in "wassup man?" hence becoming "wassup ow?"

Pronounced heavily (try saying "ouch" but cutting off before the "ch" sound)

It's most famous use, was by Jeff da Maori in NZ cartoon "Bro Town". Jeff got blamed for smelling like fart when he replied, "Not even ow!"


A chatboard on the popular neopets website. Also known as "Other Worlds".

OW went through many changes including, after a time, the arrival of homeless EMSers (of the EMS) when The Neopets Team decided to nuke it. It was then brought back after much protest from the natives. Many OWers followed their new friends to EMS flitting between the two. Then in an annoying twist of fate The Neopets Team nuked the board responsible for spontaneous eye bleeds GENERAL CHAT! Evil... With this many of these little eye bleeders rolled into both OW and EMS causing head explosions and un-pirately eye poppery in their wake. Many OWers weren't too bothered and left, some poping on occasionally for nostalgia. Unfortunately the EMStook the worst blow and is still brain meltingly scary to this day.

Nowadays the OW different place. But, with a bit of magic and a copy of MS paint, maybe OW can once again be a place of tasteful humour, high fantasy and general silliness? Where's Adam when you need him eh!

Remember when we used to chat in OW?

I'm leaving the OW!

King of OW? What a load of rubbish!

Can you make me a castle on the OW map? I want a pink dragon too!

I wish TNT would change OWs image to the Island Native, he rocked!

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East Coast Maori frequently used this as a substitute for many words like mate, friend, fellow, cousin, bro etc.

Kuzzy1: Sup ow what chu up to?

Kuzzy2: Nafing aye just chillin

Kuzzy1: ow stink why u don't come kick it at da pub

Kuzzy2: Nah I'm not coming with you ow u suck

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Feeling dumb. Sort of the same as "made you look" concept. Feeling like you've just been played.

Chris-"I left my keys in the car"


Chris-"Look there goes the president"

(Matt turns to see)


See ouch, oww, ah


Original Wankster. The opposite of an OG.

Yo that kid is a straight up OW wearing that south pole sweater.

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