Own Goal Perk

What is Own Goal Perk?


An immature soccer goalie who makes funny noises when scoring an own goal. Normally a useless but dramatic save.

A goalie who normally scores own goals in soccer.

Definition of own goals- he scores goals on his own team while being in goal.

The goalie may sometimes have a hyper/competitive mom.

God dammit Perk you scored on our own team!(Player 1)

Our fucking goalie sucks! (Player 2)

Perk why did you kick it into our goal! (Player 3)

What a dumbass goalie! (Soccer Mom)

Parker that's 5 laps damnit! (Coach)

Perk argues with reff. and earns a yellow card...

Perk lies on the ground with the ball in his own goal, crying.

This is an own goal perk.

I quit coach... Perk! Perk!

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