What is Ownt^4?


Ownt to the Fourth power, usually said as just "Ownt to the Fourth" or "Ownt^4". The word Ownt can also be replaced by Pwnt.

Ownt^4 is simply what it implies--Someone just got owned four times more than the Ownee's interpretation of "Ownt".

Mathematically it looks like this: Ownt * Ownt * Ownt * Ownt = Ownt^4

Since "Own", "Ownt" and "Pwnt" are variables to just how much something was owned, Ownt^4 cannot be simplified any farther mathematically.

Lets take Halo for Ex. If you killed someone without them knowing it, you could easily say you Owned them. And that they got Ownt.

Now, lets say Richard was in the middle of a Kill-frenzy, but then Zach snuck up right behind him and killed him with the SMG. Richard would've been Ownt^4.

See ownt, ownt^4


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