Oxy Cotton

What is Oxy Cotton?


a strong ass pain killer used to get "high"

dude i took that oxy cotton yesterday, i was fucked up for hours.


another name for oxycontin, made popular by the song "oxy cotton" by lil wyte that talks about abusing the drug.

Synthetic opiate ; painkiller. Obtained by prescription. Prescribed for moderate to severe chronic pain. Sold by people who tell their doctor they need it, but rather have $5000 for a bottle of 100 pills. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, like you're wrapped in the warmest blanket and safe. Yet when your off it, you get withdrawal and anxiety to the world, because you have been numb/high/ for so long. Most people say they see everything "clearer" when they become sober.

10, 20, 40, 80 mg's. The 160's were pulled from the market.

oxy cotton had me fucked up all night!

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slang term the for the painkiller oxycontin.

scarecrow, scarecrow, whats that u poppin

a powerful pill they call oxy cotton

yea its so tight, it got u draggin

havent u heard big things come in small packages

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