What is P!?


Made famous by the anime series, "FLCL,"

"P!" is the logo that appears on Haruko's yellow vespa. "P!" is a logo used by the j-rock band, "The Pillows," also made famous by the anime series.*

* person1: "Hey, the ending theme to this anime is awsome! who did it?"

person2: "P!, The Pillows."


The symbol on Haruko's Vespa from the anime FLCL. Rumors speculate that this is a P for "The Pillows" while others say that it is a P for Piaggio, the manufacturer of the Vespa scooter.

Nobody knows for sure.


The kickass symbol that appears on Haruko's Vespa in FLCL


The symbol appearing on Haruko's Vespa in FLCL representing the bad "the Pillows".

Haruko has a Vespa with P! on the front. Duh.

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