P. Corfield

What is P. Corfield?


Born in Weaste, Salford in 1957, and damn proud of it.

This man's experience playing for London football club Hackney North in the late 1970's and early 1980's, and his impressive facial hair of the time, led to his appointment as manager of the Iranian and then Saudi national football teams. This led to his discovery of middle-eastern footballing talent, famously quipping "they are surprisingly skillful, but defensively naive."

As of this moment he has been unable to solve this issue.

After finishing with the Saudis in the early 1990's he became manager of the Chinese national team, appointing a young but still big Sam Allardyce as his assistant. However he quickly became engulfed with furor due to their severe height issues impeding his long-ball strategy, which he believed unstoppable.

He finally returned to Salford in 2006 and spends his days playing golf and getting laid, though Big Sam still calls him for career advice.

He was a close personal friend of seven time ADAA All-Star Patches O'Houlihan. Patches untimely if ironic death left Peter with a colossal feeling of mirth.

"OH MY GOD, THEIR HOUSE IS SHAKING!!! P. Corfield must be at work."

"Wait a second, I thought P. Corfield was retired?"

"No, he has one true calling."

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