What is Paleostinian?


Derogatory and (to some people) somewhat offensive combination of “paleolithic” and “Palestinian,” with the implication that Palestinian culture is primitive (i.e. similar to that of ancient humans from the paleolithic era).

The disdain for Paleostinians, from their fellow Muslims throughout the Arab world, speaks volumes. Lip service has been paid to their "plight" but there have been six decades of words and no remedies from their "brethren". It seems they are more useful to Dar ul Islam as pawns.

Worker #1: "The Paleostinians are real pieces of work. Every time the Israelis concede land to them, it becomes a new site for launching rocket attacks. The FATAH terrorists have been pushed out by the HAMAS terrorists, and Gaza has become a total craphole on their watch."

Worker #2: "Let's give'em a state!"

Worker #1: No let's give'em Nekama's Troll Hammer.

See koranimal, stupidfada, car swarm, islamofascist, fool, whiner


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