Panther Piss

What is Panther Piss?


A particularly vile alcohol. Worse than run-of-the-mill bad alcohol due to an offending odor or flavor. Often applied to cheap wine, booze, or beer whose only redeeming factor is that it can get you drunk.

Sure, Coors Light is panther piss, but after 6 or 7, you won't care.

See alcohol, wine, drunk, hangover


worthless diluted liquid, such as beeror gasoline.

1. I was 17 when I was visiting my cousin in Memphis. He gave me a can of Coorsbeer. I tasted it for the first time. It tasted like industrial slop water. That or maybe panther piss. The worst beer in the universe.

2. I was driving on the New York State side of the Niagara Falls area and my car's tank was down about half. I wanted to get gaased up on the Americanside because Canadahas a lot of gas brands of their own and I didn't know how suitable they are to my car's engine. I saw virtually no major brand gas stations on the highway, so when I saw a sign leading to a gas station at the Ticonderoga Indian reservation I took the exit. I fueled up, the gasoline brand was exclusive to the Iroqouis Confederacy. I was afraid that I was tanking up with panther piss but the gas was really good. My car operated nicely. No bucking and snorting. No problemo. Later that afternoon I crossed the border into Canada, where the hotel I reserved a room at was located.

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A bar on the corner of 4th and Lincoln in Charleston, IL. A place where Irish car bombs come in plastic cups with plastic shot glasses that won't sink to the bottom of the beer and cost $8. Formerly known as Styx.

Hey dude. Let's go down to the Panther Piss and get some $8 Irish car bombs.

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Panther Piss is MD 20/20 (Mogan David) and ginger ale mixed to taste like fruit punch. But has a kick like a mule.

He got drunk of panther piss.

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Fuel additive tested on the SR-71 Blackbird to reduce infrared emissions by ionizing the exhaust plumes.

USAF F-15 test pilot: WTF I can't get a lock! That damn panther piss in the SR-71 is screwing up my IR detectors!

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Excellent penatrating oil

I gats a stuck nut! Pass the panther piss.


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