What is Paperweight?


A term describing a heavy technical item which no longer works and could easily be replaced.

"My computer's a total paperweight at the minute."


See Macintosh or PS3

This mac is the best paperweight $5000 can buy...

See mac, macintosh, crap, lead, uranium


When someone is peeing and places their balls on their shorts or boxers to keep them down, acting as a paperweight.

JK: When you pee do you whip out your balls too?

BS:Yeah but i place them on my shorts to keep them down.

JK:So you just paperweight it?


See pee, balls, paper, weight, piss



A small, heavy, often decorative object that is placed on loose papers to hold them down.

A common name for a Mac or any other useless computer.

Buy a PC and get rid of that paperweight.

See Emre


When a Male take a piss with his penis out but his balls behind the elastic bands of his pants.

John paperweight when he takes a piss

See pee, balls, nuts, urine


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