What is Papoose?


A dope emcee working with DJ Kay Slay,making a new album.One of the best new underground artist out there.

Hear The Track Aplphebetical Slaughter,insane shit.


1. A Native American infant or very young child.

2. A New York rapper working with DJ Kay Slay.

1. Yo look at that papoose

2. Yo man, Papoose is ill as fuck. His new album is droppin' in late august.

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One of the best, if not the best, of New York's rappers. He is currently signed to Streetsweepers entertainment under DJ Kay Slay. He is widely known for his insane song Alphabetical Slaghter in which he raps using each letter of the alphabet. He is also known for having catistrofical punch lines.

DJ Kay Slay: "Yo Pap,get at these niggas!"

Papoose:"You brought ten niggas that thought they'd never see you breathless, well thats something the tend to see (Tennesee) like Memphis// Rappers tryin' to get in were they fit in like TETRIS// Thats why I leave their families mornin' like breakfast// Other niggas do it, and then they try to follow// That's why I leave their families mornin' like Alonzo"

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An emcee working with DJ Kay Slay the Drama King. Closely linked with Funkmaster Flex on Hot97. Known for his mixtapes(17 of them) to name a few.

The Underground King

The Beast From the East

Moment of Silence

Second Place is the First Loser.

Currently Recording his first album, Nacirema Dream(American Spelt Backwords. Well known for having ridiculous punchlines

Papoose's Punch lines

I'm not a con artist but i con yay like West

You brought 10 niggas who though they'd never see you breathless, Well thats something that Ten'll see(tenessee) like Memphis

Who is the next starting 5 to put the rap game in a headlock

I'm at the top of the roster(rasta) like dreadlocks

I'm like an air conditioner, I'll make you lose your fans

I paid for 7, this N**** tried to sell me 6, you cant jerk me i got more scales then fish

See nacirema dream


The best rapper to this date.

My nigga Papoose will murder any muthafuka out there!Listen to his music,its real hip hop.

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Name of sick futbol player in the midwest

see action heights

Tonya: yo did you check out papoose's swweeeett goal last night against BG?!

Javier: Yah Tonya my brodda it needed some good medicine because it was real sick

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Noun/Adjective/Adverb/PRO-noun(a noun that is a professional)

Noun- Alternative name for the female lady parts.

Adj.- Cool/Happening and/or Poppin'

PRO-noun- A hip dude/ or fly individual.

That female has a huge gaping papoose.

Hey man where is the papoose at tonite, papoose?!?!1!!!one!1

Man this party is papoose as a M.F.

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