What is Paramore?


amazing band from Franklin, TN consisting of Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Jason Bynum, and John Hembree.

Paramore rocked at Warped Tour.

See Rachell


A band that originated from Franklin, TN.


-Vocals: Hayley Williams (17)

-Lead Guitar: Josh Farro (18)

-Guitar: Hunter Lamb (20)

-Bass: Jeremy Davis (21)

-Drum: Zac Farro (15)

Although the band has gotten attention due to Hayley's beauty rather than their music, their true fanbase is quickly growing larger and spreading across the country. They have already been shown many times on the popular channel Fuse, and also on MTV. They have also been part of Vans Warped Tour for the past two years, but are currently on a tour with Cute is What We Aim For and Hit the Lights.

Their debut album, All We Know is Falling, was released 2005 under the record label Fueled by Ramen. They have a video for the song Pressure, and are very soon releasing a video for Emergency. A particular 'crowd favorite' is My Heart.

Paramore is an amazing band.

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Every once in a while, you stumble across a band that can actually pull off having a female lead singer and still rock out. This band is from Franklin, TN and trust me, they are going places. Hayley Williams (lead vocalist) has superb talent for her age. This is probably one of the most underrated bands out there...

Person 1: Hey! Have you heard of Paramore!?

Person 2: Yeah! Hayley Williams is so hot!! And skilled, of course.

Person 1: They are so underrated...

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The best, kick ass, supberb band ever. They're sound is a mix of Fall Out Boy and Kelly Clarkson. This band is from Franklin, TN and they know how to completely rock out. Thanks, Paramore, for bringing the music back!

Tom: "Oh my God! Have you heard of Paramore?"

Jill: "No."

Tom: "They're not big yet..."

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possibly the best band in the whole entire universe.

paramore is dope.

hayley williams is a hot piece of ass, kk?

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punk rock band from franklin, usa.

vocals - hayley williams

guitar - josh farro

bass - jeremy davis

drums - zac farro

often get praise because of hayleys prettiness, but their music is brilliant and they have a growing fanbase

albums -

all we know is falling


songs include -



misery business







person1: paramore rocked at the full ponty

person2: yeah, hayley was pretty

person1: they played really well

person2: yeah, and hayley was pretty


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An amazing band from Franklin, Tennessee.

With band members Hayley Williams (vocals), Zac Farro (drums), Josh Farro (guitar), and Jeremy Davis (bass).

Paramore is one of my favirite bands.

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