What is Paramoreism?


The relgion that consists of worshipping the ultimate band: Paramore. This religion consists of 5 rules:

1) Paramore is the highest mortal power in existance.

2) Never use "Paramore" or the band members' names in vain.

3) All conversations can be linked back to Paramore.

4) When asked a question, Paramore is the universal answer.

5) Parahaters are allowed to be publicly ridiculed and harrassed and should be.

I just adopted the religion of Paramoreism today.

1) (pretty self explanitory)

2) Damn Paramore!

3) Parwhore 1: Hey how was the mall?

Parawhore 2: Good. (Paramore)

Parawhore 1: What did you buy?

Parawhore 2: Some pants. (Paramore)


4) Q: How was your day? A: Paramore

5) Parahater: Paramore sux!

Parawhore 1: Well you wouldn't know good music if it sang to you!

Parawhore 2: Yeah! And you're stupid!

Parawhore 1: Go away and listen to what you call "music": The Naked Brothers Band!

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