What is Parannoying?


the present tense of paranoia

Three friends are in the car smoking a bowl. One friend says "that car looks like it could be unmarked police car, put that bowl down"

Driver says "nah that's not a cop, stop parannoying me"

See paranoid, paranoia, scared, nervous


Adj. Something that makes you both paranoid and annoyed; usually spoken by dumb girls in the toy section of Zeller's.

*Dumb girls playing with kids toys*

*Cooler boys walk by*

*Dumb girl 1 brings a toy towards dumb girl 2*

Dumb girl 2- "Ahhh, get that away from me, it's so parannoying!"

Cooler boys- "What the fuck, those girls are so dumb!"

*Cooler boys make many jokes at dumb girl 2's expense*

See annoying, paranoia


extremly annoying. can be related to a parasite.

the parannoying little kid was following me all over the school talking nonstop.


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