Paranoia -respect-

What is Paranoia -respect-?


One of the hardest PARANOiA remixes made for Dance Dance Revolution. It runs at a constant 300 BPM, and has 5 stops.

Contrary to most other PARANOiAs (excluding ETERNAL, which was by an external remixer who won a music competition by KONAMI), this PARANOiA is NOT by Naoki Maeda. Instead, it is by Sota Fujimori, who has done various other Bemanisongs such as Star Gate Heaven, Back Into The Light and Look to the Sky.

PARANOiA -Respect-

.3k (Sota Fujimori pseudonym)

BPM: 300

Stops: 5

B-3 L-6 S-9 H-10

See paranoia, ddr, naoki, sota, bemani


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