Park Bench

What is Park Bench?


1.A place for a homeless penis to sleep 2. Term used to define a women only used for sex when a more suitable residence cannot be found.

Don't worry about me fella, I'll just sleep on a park bench.

See one night stand, one pump chump, double bagger, whore


Noun- A short, fat dog. Origin: the dog's profile and mass.

My dog's a freakin park bench.

See lump, stump, block, loaf, dog


1)A fat ugly chick who does nothing but annoy and is not capable of going out in public without making a scene.

2)A girl so fat that she takes up one whole park bench.

Also see Rock and Basketball Hoop.

Random Person: "How long did it take you to get rid of that park bench?"

Yourself: "That fat chick stayed until all the food ran out."

See fat, obese, ugly, smelly, annoying


Lazy jobless bastard that sits on his ass all day. Someone who may ask for a bite of anything you got.

Our freind here. Also see number 1.

Ross has become quite the park bench around the house due to his being laid off.


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