Park City

What is Park City?


An awesome ski town, where teenagers living there are starting to take for granite. Most of these kids have never experienced living somewhere else. It is a place where they get to ski for $100 a season, because they are a student, at Park City Mountain Resort. Enjoy mountain fresh air, and are able to do numerous activities that many people would kill to do. To these lost souls, I say stop bitching and take a look around you, if you don’t realize how lucky you are than get out.

Living in Park City is pretty sweet, could not think of a better place to live.

See ski town


Where everyone is rich, and on drugs

I hate living in Park City with all these rich stoners.


the opposite of the ghetto where the white rich kids dwell

i live in park city

See thug nasty


ADJ. = crappy,shitty, etc.

Origin = Derived from the snowboarding condition at Park City in Utah.

That club was park city.

This beer is park city.

See Hoser


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